The Diocese of Yei

Welcome to Yei!

Yei Diocese is the most southerly of all the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan and shares borders with Kajo-Keji, Mundri, Lainya and Maridi Dioceses.  Yei is one of the most peaceful parts of South Sudan.  It is a rapidly expanding town with many tribes represented, though the majority are Kakwa.

 BATC Day of Prayer

This year 2016 the Episcopal Diocese of Yei will mark the Bishop Allison Theological College (BATC) day on the 3rd of July.

BATC day was originally an Education Day of prayer conducted on the last Sunday of June every year, and it was meant to raise support for the Education sector of the Diocese under the leadership of the Rt Rev Hilary Luate Adeba.

It is a day when prayer is made for the education sector, and offerings realized during the services all over the Diocese are sent to the Diocesan headquarters to help further the development of human resources to serve in the Diocese.  BATC being the key place for raising spiritual leaders for the diocese, on its transfer back from Diaspora, is one of the places with less funding but with a wider range of need.

Therefore, the diocese under the leadership of the Bishop decided that this day be dedicated fully for the support of BATC, and this year will mark the second following that of 2015.

Please join us in prayer on 3rd July.